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Limited Edition Prints

All images are limited to ten reproductions.  Eight of the ten will be for sale.  The price of the first copy of an image will be $500.  Each additional sold copy will rise in price by $100.  The eight copy of a print will be priced at $1200.  I take care of production and  only charge my cost -- I use professional quality photo image laboratories.  I recommend that you produce the largest image compatible with the image's megapixels and your installation space.  Once an image has been sold to a collector that image will no longer be available for commercial uses.   I do not include corporate art as commercial usage. 

Please contact Karm Redland at or call 419-685-3944 (EST) for questions and commercial purchasing options.

Artist's Statement

I am an artist who uses a camera.  My art has no conscious purposeful mission.  Ignore the word's sexual meaning and I am a voyeur of things both natural and unnatural.  Occasionally something I look at commands me to take a picture of it.  

This type of artistic interaction with the world produces eclectic images.  I consider myself an art photographer as opposed to being a landscape or wedding or portrait or food or any of the other niches professional photographers place themselves.  

Please do not be confused with the word art.  I do not mean anything profound by it.  While you can find many excellent definitions of art for me art is similar to the word pornography that Judge Potter Stewart immortalized when he said: you know it when you see it. Many of my images I place in the category of decorative art.  This term does not embarrass or diminish me.  The first time I went to the National Palace Museum in Taipei I was struck by how Chinese artists brought artistic intentions to everyday objects.  I hope I have accomplished the same thing with my decorative photographs.

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